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Wi-Fi Mints 28g (Hybrid)

NYC Deisel 28g (Hybrid)

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Pink Gorilla by Mosca Seeds 28g (Hybrid)

Pink Gorilla from Mosca Seeds is a cannabis variety named in honor of her parents, both now internationally renowned: the clone-only Gorilla Glue (or GG4), and Pink 2.0 (Starfighter F2 x Predator Pink), now available online as regular seeds at alchimiaweb.com

The result of combining these two strains is Pink Gorilla, a plant that grows vigorously from the beginning, generally reaching 120cm tall in indoor cultivation, making it easy to control its size. A problem-free variety that's easy to grow in all substrates, be it soil, coco fibre, hydro or aeroponics. It branches readily, making it a good candidate for SCROG crops.

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Pink Kush 28g (Hybrid)

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