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In this article we discuss

  • What is medical cannabis?
  • What is the effect of cannabis?
  • Uses of medical marijuana
  • What side effects can cannabis medicines have? Can you become addicted to cannabis?
  • How is medical marijuana used?


Cannabis serves as a collective name for intoxicants that are obtained from the cannabis varieties of the cannabis genus. However, not all active ingredients contained in the cannabis plant or its flower are intoxicating. Other components of the hemp plant can also be used particularly well for medical purposes as medical marijuana. The main active ingredients of the plant are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) with an intoxicating psychoactive effect, and the medicinally and therapeutically used CBD (cannabidiol). 

Unlike the marijuana drug, hemp with a high CBD content can be used well in medicine as a natural pain reliever. From a medical point of view, CBD has anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and anticonvulsant effects. Depending on the THC or CBD content, there may or may not be a noise effect during use.

There are drugs without a psychoactive ingredient and those with a low proportion. Medical cannabis uses mainly cannabidiol. At Blowout420, we have got you cover for any form of marijuana you want. Try us out, and you will definitely come back for more.

Medicinal Cannabis


Cannabis works through the body’s cannabinoid receptors. The mechanism of action can be explained in a very simplified manner: The endocannabinoids/cannabinoids such as THC modulate, among other things, the neurotransmitter concentration (e.g., acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, Gaba, noradrenaline) in the central and vegetative nervous system, in which you inhibit the respective neurotransmitter if the neurotransmitter activity is too high Act. In the immune system, cannabinoids are said to have anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-Alpha and IFN-Gamma.


The exact effects of cannabis on certain diseases have not been researched as well as for other medicines. Medical marijuana is currently not approved for any specific indication. However, it is known from previous practice that more than 50 different diseases or symptoms can be successfully treated. Therefore, its therapy spectrum is very broad and can result in many therapeutic successes if used legally. In the case of chronic diseases, for example, unlike previous drug treatment, there would hardly be any side effects from medical hemp. 

Even though there is no official list of indications for the medical use of cannabis, some therapeutic areas are known in which medical marijuana can have a health-promoting effect:

  • Chronic and neuropathic pain
  • Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s
  • Tourette syndrome, ADHD and epilepsy
  • Inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis
  • As a pain reliever for AIDS and cancer
  • Depressive disorders, psychological trauma, and anxiety
  • Dermatological diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis
  • Nausea and loss of appetite
medicinal Cannabis


CBD is everywhere, and much more frequently, we see how this cannabis component improves the lives of millions of people. Scientific research has demonstrated its multiple properties, among which many are favorable to athletes. The effects of CBD on sports performance and the benefits that CBD provides in sports recovery from injuries are already known.

The application of CBD in the sports field is in vogue. High-performance athletes and fans, in general, have found a companion in their sports life because CBD is useful in the treatment of pains, inflammations, and sensation of weakness encountered by athletes during the workout or the sport itself.


After a workout routine or any exercise, the human body can react in different ways. Some people feel deep muscle pain, while others resent previous inflammations and injuries. It is also common to feel nauseous or deep tiredness. Given that, the CBD acts so that you can make your workouts a less awkward or annoying moment.

Below are some of the improvements that CBD can provide to your sports performance.

1. Chronic pain

Pain is general to every human being and varies with intensity. Some are bearable, while some are unbearable. For this reason, pain relief is one of the main reasons why people approach CBD. In this case, athletes benefit. Chronic pain is one of the ailments that CBD can relieve and reduce, which helps high-performance athletes, especially those who have injuries.

But why is CBD useful for pain in athletes? CBD has analgesic properties, which are capable of attacking chronic pain. CBD interacts with CB1 receptors in the central nervous system, which sends signals that cause pain to be inhibited.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

The inflammations are one of the leading causes present in the sport that generate injuries of all kinds. For this reason, anti-inflammatories are the most used drugs among athletes. But can there be a natural solution to all this? The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are widely known and can provide athletes with sustained healing.

CBD is considered a substitute for ibuprofen for athletes. This drug is the best-known anti-inflammatory in the world, and millions of athletes use it to soothe the pain. But frequent consumption of ibuprofen has serious health consequences, such as liver problems, blood circulation, and ulcers. Given this, CBD is used by multiple athletes as a natural anti-inflammatory without negative consequences on the body.

3. Nausea

Many athletes suffer from nausea and derived discomfort, although this is not usually talked about much. However, the CBD has answers in this regard.

Especially in the treatment of chemotherapy of cancer patients, CBD and other cannabinoids have proven effective in placating nausea. Some studies have concluded that particularly CBD can suppress nausea and vomiting after a limited dose.

4. General relaxation

Have you had an anxiety crisis or suffered from deep stress and tension before or after training? Perhaps the best remedy for this is the concentration on relaxation, but CBD can contribute in this regard. A large part of CBD consumers worldwide has reached this component only to relax more and be calm in situations that can become complicated. So why can’t athletes add to this?

Countless scientific studies have brought light on this matter, also to conclude that just a few drops of CBD oil can make you overcome constant irritability or a stressful situation. Elite athletes continuously suffer from these situations, and being relaxed with CBD allows you to see things more clearly. Best of all, the CBD is completely natural and will not be able to drug you at any time.

5. Antispasmodic properties

Train, eat healthily and sleep right. The athlete’s life regime has few comparisons with other professions and trades, but sometimes, muscle spasms affect the body categorically. No matter what aspect of life they are in spasms come when you least expect it. The good news is that CBD, like other cannabinoids, has antispasmodic properties, which allow athletes to value a new alternative.

CBD’s work with the receptors helps to relax the muscles and allow them to stretch and strengthen without pain. This represents a tremendous instantaneous help for athletes in the face of this recurring discomfort: muscle spasms may decrease after CBD’s consumption due to the action it has on the body. If you suffer from spasms frequently, why don’t you try it, we have some at

Medical Marijuana


When used in low medical doses, the following side effects may occur restlessness, anxiety, high pulse, dry mouth, dizziness, reduced responsiveness and tiredness, euphoria.

Cannabis should not be prescribed for severe personality disorder, psychosis, and serious cardiovascular disease. The same applies to pregnant women and nursing mothers. In adolescents, cannabis can demonstrably lead to a brain development disorder and increase psychoses’ development at a later point in time, which is why cannabis should not be prescribed here either.

If you have any further questions about risks or side effects, please contact your doctor or pharmacy.


Cannabis flowers can be inhaled with a vaporizer or taken orally in the form of a tea. Pharmacies can also produce cannabis extracts that are adjusted to a certain THC content.

Oral intake through tea is also possible. Tea preparation is a little difficult for the patients because due to the necessary decarboxylation and the poor water solubility of the THCA / CBDA, it takes a lot of experience to achieve reproducible results of the cannabis tea preparation on a daily basis.

What types of cannabis can be used medicinally?

Different types of flowers are permitted. There are also prescription cannabis preparations, such as dronabinol solutions or capsules.



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As we all know that vaping is more effective because it quickly enters the endocrine system, and the results are seen quickly. Vaping has no combustion, which is good for people who are allergic to smoke and have other health issues.

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