How do I order?

Register first, then sign in to your account.You will be able to make a purchase.

Who is eligible to purchase

Anyone who is 19+.

When will my order be shippered

Your order should ship out within 1-3 business days

How do I pay?

After you make an order online and check out, send the payment (please see your invoice for the instruction).

What methods of payments do you accept?

Interact e-transfer ONLY

Is tax included in the order?

Yes, taxes are included

How long will I have to wait for my order?

Most order’s are received within 2-3 days of shipment

What do I do if I don't receive my order?

Email us or call us first and we’ll ensure the issue is fixed.

My tracking number does not work

Your tracking number will not work until your package is dropped off at a shipping location

Where do I send my payment?

the recipient email will be auto generated at checkout and also provided in your payment details by email.

What is reference number?

The reference number provided to you at checkout helps us identify your payment and match it to your order.

Make sure to copy and paste the reference number provided into the notes/message section of your EMT.

All reference codes are unique to a specific order. The reference number is an important part of making sure your payment is secure.

What is the difference between order number and reference number?

An order number is the unique number assigned to your order. A reference number is a unique number provided at checkout that is used to match a specific payment to a specific order.

I entered the wrong reference number when sending payment. What now?

If you have entered the wrong reference number when sending the payment there is not need to worry, we have safeguards in place to make sure your payment is accounted for.

Can I use my name in place of Reference numbers?

No, your name will not work as a valid reference number. Please, only use the one provided at checkout.

Can I use my order number in place of reference number?

No, your order number will not work as a valid reference number. Please, only use the one provided at checkout.

Does it matter which email I send payment to?

Yes, we take great care in making sure your order is secure. It is important to send payment to the correct email provided at checkout as well as to provide the correct reference number. This insures that your payment is tracked properly and securely.

I sent payment to the wrong email. Now what?

In most cases we will be able to find your payment by reference number and match that payment to your order. However, it does make it easier for us to verify the payment when sent to the assigned email at checkout. If you have concerns contact customer service and provide the email address that you sent your payment to and we will be able to fix the issue.

I closed the window and lost the payment information. What do I do?

If you accidentally closed the window before sending payment, don’t worry. The payment information will be sent to you by email just in case you leave the page or decide to pay later.

Do I need to provide a secret question and secret answer?

No, all our payments are set for auto-deposit. However, depending on your financial institution you may still be asked to provide one.

My financial institution requires a secret question and answer to proceed to send my payment.

If asked to provide a secret question and answer please use the ones provided to you at checkout. If it is not required please leave them out.