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We are an online dispensary based out of beautiful British Columbia, which is committed to quality assurance, ethics, and fair pricing. Although we look forward to filling the market with your favorite recreational products, Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine and that is exactly what it is natural medicine. So we believe everyone should have access to affordable medicine and we make it our goal to provide Canadians from coast to coast with high-quality craft cannabis grown right here in BC. Order weed online with us today!


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We have selected some of our greatest deals for you so you know what to order when you order weed online with us. Our featured deals are always great and they allow you to choose some of our favorite strains. We are not only a weed dispensary online, but we are also part of the community. We know our products, let us help you to order the best weed online for the best prices.

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When you want to order weed online in Canada, Blowout420 is the perfect place to do so. We have nothing but the best quality of weed online for the best prices. We have great customer service because we want to be sure that every customer to be able to enjoy our products without any complications. Simple, fast, and high quality is what we do, let us impress you with our buds. Order weed online with us to see the Blowout420 difference.

Nuken (Indica Dominant)
$150.00 $120.00
Out of stock
Pink Bubba2
Jedi Kush
wifi mints weed in Canada
Pink death
Out of stock
Pink Kush (Hybrid)
$129.00 $119.00
monster cookie
Black Diamond (Indica)
$140.00 $109.00
Violator Kush (Indica)
Zombie Kush (Indica)
$150.00 $119.00
Death Bubba 28g *Blowout Deals* (Indica)
$150.00 $130.00

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Whether you are looking to buy Shatter online or to order Keif online, Blowout420 is there to provide you nothing but the best products. We know that every member of the weed community is unique and that is why we offer a diverse selection of products. When you order concentrates online with us, you make sure to get exactly what you order and to get it right on time. If you don’t have experience with ordering concentrates online and you want to make sure you get something you will like, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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We know that not everyone wants to order weed online in Canada because not everybody likes to smoke. That is why we offer you to order edibles online in our online dispensary. Edibles are a great way to get a good high without actually smoking. We have a vast selection of edibles for you to order online and we are proud of every product we offer. Let us help you to order edibles online that are adapted to your needs. If you need help do not hesitate to contact us right away, we are there for you!

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For the people in the weed community that doesn’t like to smoke, we also offer weed vapes online. They are a great substitute for traditional smoking because they are more discreet, convenient, and practical. A lot of people are ordering weed vapes online nowadays and if you haven’t tried it yet, Blowout420 is the perfect online dispensary for you to experience with weed vapes. We have amazing products from a multitude of suppliers to make sure that we offer something that is suited for your needs.

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At Blowout420, we offer more options than just ordering weed online in Canada. We also offer mushroom products like Nootropic. We are listening to our customers and since you have been asking for such products, we are bringing them to you. We are starting with Nootropic but will probably expend our mushroom offers within the governmental regulations.






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If you are having any issues with an order or if you need information about a particular strain before you order weed online with us, you should write us an email. Our team is always there to ensure the best customer service and nothing but the greatest buds. At Blowout420, we believe in creating a unique community so do not hesitate to leave reviews on our products for others to enjoy. We are Blowout420 and we are here to help you to find the perfect product that will fit with your unique needs.